Clark Events


Click on the movie icons to view student generated products.

Students report on the events taking place on Young Astronaut's Day at J.S. Clark using Windows Live Movie Maker and Newsmaker. 


Students created comic strips using Make Beliefs Comix. 


Math Stories Photo Story

Students in Mrs. Brown's class used prior knowledge of content strands and summarized comprehension by drawing real-world uses of and their interpretations of mathematical processes. They used large print paper, markers, rulers, protractors as a team and compiled their work using Photo Story 3.


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Clark Levee Project

4th grade students from J.S. Clark Magnet Elementary went to the Levee at Forsythe Park. They were to explore the environment in search of various ways earth’s surface changes and river system terminology.  They used the Tuff Cam to record their data and Photostory 3 to present the scientific observations that were made.


Our 6th grade students were rewarded with a fun-filled day of swimming, beach volleyball, basketball, and spray park activities for meeting their FITNESS goals. They were given a trophy for such a great feat.  Way to go students! 

Pictures were taken throughout the school year of students participating in various events. They were then combined in a video format and played at the students awards ceremonies.  Click on the links to view the different grade levels videos.  WE HAD A GREAT YEAR!



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