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Welcome to J. S. Clark Magnet School.  We are very excited about the opportunities we offer for your child!  Please look over this page to see the wonderful things happening at the school.  If you are interested in more information, please note there are contact information and a school link below.


  • J. S. Clark Magnet School is consistently the #1 top performing elementary school in the city of Monroe.
  • Any student in Monroe City School District is eligible to apply.
  • We serve students prekindergarten through sixth grade.


Course Offerings:

  • Science Lab
  • Math Lab
  • Computer Lab
  • Award Winning Choir
  • Orchestra
  • Band
  • Fine Arts
  • Art
  • Physical Education
  • Gifted Education
  • Talented Art
  • Enrichment and Intervention Programs
  • Character Counts Program



  • National Elementary Honor Society
  • Student Council
  • Award Winning Robotics Team
  • Chat and Chew Book Club



  • STEAM Night
  • Science Day
  • 100 Days of Math
  • Talent Show
  • Field Day
  • Book Fair
  • Red Ribbon Week
  • Spelling Bee
  • Accelerated Reading/Accelerated Math
  • Dad’s Day BBQ
  • Muffins with Mom
  • Donuts with Dad
  • Grandparent’s Luncheon
  • Thanksgiving Luncheon
  • Beach Day

All of our students attend at least one lab per day.  Research has shown the benefits of movement throughout the school day. 


“Incorporating exercise and movement throughout the school day makes students less fidgety and more focused on learning.” - Donna Wilson


“Regular movement has been shown to increase focus and retention in children and adults of all ages.”


“Movement is a powerful teaching tool, and when we as teachers thoughtfully incorporate physical elements into instruction, we elevate the learning experience.” - Valerie Strauss


How are we doing?

JSC Performance Scores


A Look at Our Labs


Art Lab
   Computer Lab

Art Lab


Computer/Technology Lab 

 Library Reading Lab    Math Lab

Library Reading Lab


Math Lab

 Music Lab    

 Music Lab