Mrs. Taylor's Fifth Grade Math Class

HOMEWORK FOR THE WEEK OF APRIL 18-21 - Your child should be working on AM every night.  They should be finishing a practice or test that was started in class each night.  We only have 3 more weeks to test and meet the goal!!!
Please encourage your child to be working toward meeting the Accelerated Reading and the Accelerated Math goals for the third nine weeks.    Your child will be responsible for mastering 28 objectives in Accelerated Math for the fourth nine weeks.  The last day to test will be May 12th!

We will be reviewing all 5th grade skills and building on these skills to better prepare for 6th grade from now until the end of school in math.  Grades will come from accelerated math and pop quizzes given on review skills throughout the weeks.  These will not be announced, as they are pop quizzes.  

Helpful Resources for Parents: 


    Lafayette Parish Schools Website and click on 5th grade.  This site has links for each specific Eureka lesson. 


  2. - has videos and practice questions


  3. - has videos and sample questions.  


  This year we will be doing many different learning activities focusing on the Louisiana Core State Standards.  If you need to contact me, you can call the school at 318-322-8976, ext. 4090 to schedule a conference, or you can email me at  


GRADING POLICIES: There will be a minimum of 9 grades each nine weeks. Grades will come from bell work, homework, pop quizzes, class activities, interactive math notebooks, Eureka mid-module and end of module assessments, and Accelerated Math.

A 100-93

B 92-85

C 84-75

D 74-67

F  66-0


BELLWORK: Each day when you walk into class you will have an activity to complete on the board. Bell work will focus on problem solving skills.  It will be picked up every 4 weeks along with a grading sheet for a 100 point grade.


COMMON CORE:  Each week we will study Louisiana common core math skills using the Eureka Math program focusing on operations and algebraic thinking, number and operations with fractions and decimals, measurement, data, and geometry.   There will be written tests at the middle and end of each unit of study.  There will also be pop quizzes throughout the module based on the lessons.


INTERACTIVE MATH NOTEBOOKS: You will be required to keep an IMB in class for daily notes, vocabulary, examples, and sample problems.  It will be checked each nine weeks for a grade. 


HOMEWORK: Class work that is not finished will be assigned for homework 3-4 days a week.  It will be checked for completion the next day for a grade.  You will start out with a 100 in homework.  Each day that you do not have it completed, you will lose 5 points.