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J.S. Clark Magnet School seeks to provide our students with a challenging curriculum that emphasizes excellence in fine arts, literature, math, science and technology skills. Students will utilize their education to pursue advanced educational opportunities that prepare them for both professional and skilled jobs.


Core Beliefs

Children are our most valuable resource
All children can learn and must be provided equitable opportunities to learn.
Students learn best when they are actively engaged in the learning process. 
Our curriculum must be comprehensive in that it builds skills necessary for success in A culturally  diverse society.
All students and staff members have the right to work and learn together in a safe and orderly environment.
Continuous professional improvement and growth opportunities for all staff members are crucial to the success of any educational program.
Partnerships among students, parents, community, and schools are vital for the development of all children. 


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Welcome to J. S. Clark Magnet School!

We are very excited about the opportunities we offer for your child!  Please look over this page to see the wonderful things happening at the school.  If you are interested in more information, please note there are contact information and a school link below.


If you would like to order a PTO-Sponsored J.S. Clark Hoodie, please download this FORM and return it to the school!

Dr. Brian Bush

Mrs. Wendy LaSuzzo
Assistant Principal

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