Principal's Message about School Closure

Hello Parents, Community, and Stakeholders: 

I reach out to you with both concern and optimism for the few weeks that our students and staff will "work from home." Though the circumstances were not foreseen or ideal, I am optimistic because it will teach some valuable lessons to our students. First, our students must learn that the opportunity to go to school and acquire knowledge with their friends is a blessing. It is our hope that they take the time to reflect and recognize how much our teachers love them and push them to to be better. Second, our students must see that they are ultimately responsible for their own learning. All of our teachers have teacher webpages that students can access at We do have printed paper packets for students without access, but it is our preference that students access all material online. We have provided laptop access to those that have technological needs and there are several area companies that are offering low to no payments for online access. Lastly, the world is quickly evolving and in lieu of the global crisis this is a great reminder of you and your child's need to engage in virtual learning and working spaces. If our students are not able to adapt, they will become left behind. 

We know and understand your concerns and fears as we too have children and families. One thing we ask of you is to remain vigilant and patient as we too have not experienced such an unprecedented stoppage in school as this national pandemic. J.S. Clark staff has been working diligently preparing during this closure. Please know that it is a rapidly evolving situation that impacts many events at Clark Magnet. Our staff will continue to work through these challenges and will provide details and decisions as soon as information is available. Please remember that our school will remain open Monday through Thursday 9 a.m. through 1 p.m. It is our desire to assist you in any way possible during the school closure. Please remember that health officials have determined that school closures are a necessary and effective way to stop the spread of COVID-19.

Again, It is truly an honor to serve as principal of J.S. Clark Magnet School. We will miss them tremendously and hope to have them back in session as soon as possible, but for the safety of our families it is necessary that we shift our learning approach to stop the spread of this virus. 


With Kindest Regards, 

Dr. Brian Bush