School Closure Information

Parents and Students,

Below you will find a link to to the Monroe City Schools website that includes enrichment work for students during the school closure. 

Enrichment Activities Click Here- (click this link to access)

Please check your teacher's website as well for any additional online resources. You may follow the link below to find a list of our staff websites. 

Teacher Website Access - (click this link to access)

Additional Resources:

In addition to the district packets, students may also use some of the following resources for enrichment as well. There are a host of online resources that our teachers use to enhance their students' learning. Below are a few of our favorites.

  1. Starfall (PK-3rd Reading and Math Practice)
  2. ZEARN (K-5th Math Practice)
  3. iXL (K-2nd Math and ELA Practice) We highly suggest this if you have a K-2nd grade student. Login info: user=lunch number, pw: initials
  4. MobyMax (K-8th All subjects)
  5. Prodigy (1st-8th Game-based Math Practice)
  6. Readworks (K-6th ELA practice)
  7. CommonLit (3rd-12th ELA Practice)
  8. Typing - (Typing Practice for 3rd-6th Grade)
  9. DanceMat Typing (Typing Practice for 1st-2nd Grade)
  10. BrainPop- (4th and up Videos/Games for All subjects)
  11. BrainPopJr (K-3/ Videos/Games for All subjects)

Distance Learning Resources: 

The links below will provide you with information needed for distance learning materials. 

Daily Schedule for Distance Learning

Teacher Websites

Step by Step Video to view your child's grades (Student Progress Center)

Step by Step Video to add the Student Progress Center to your iPhone/iPad